Here's the real reason Wales and Portugal wore their away kits - and it's a very good one


When Wales and Portugal stepped out for their Euro 2016 semi-final both wearing their away kits, fans were very confused.

Sure, both teams normally wear red so somebody had to use their change strip - but was there any need for both of them to do it?

Well, hold your irritation, football fans - it turns out there was a very good reason.

While the change of kits might have been annoying for traditionalists, it was great for anyone with red-green colour blindness.

The picture on the right shows how the match looked to colour-blind people - and you can see the two kits are very distinct from each other.

This hasn't always been the case throughout the tournament - look what happened when Portugal took on Croatia in the last 16.

With one in 12 men (and one in 200 women) affected by colour blindness, a colour clash like that can leave millions of viewers unable to distinguish between the teams.

So the change of kit last night may have looked odd - but there was a very good reason for it.