Hamilton happy to obey Mercedes team orders


Lewis Hamilton confirmed he will happily follow team orders should Mercedes feel the need to shackle him and team-mate Nico Rosberg.

The Silver Arrows crashed on the final lap last time out in Austria, Rosberg's aggressive defence at turn two costing him first place and his front wing as Hamilton raced off for a victory which cut the German's championship lead to 11 points.

Mercedes confirmed on Thursday that the pair would be free to continue racing, but added a caveat that their "Rules of Engagement" had been updated with stringent punishments likely if another collision took place.

The threat of team orders still hangs over the title rivals, but the Brit has no issues with that, responding dismissively when asked if Mercedes' punishments would be "scary".

"It's my job, it's what I get paid to do," Hamilton told reporters at the British Grand Prix when quizzed on his acceptance of any instructions.

The double-defending world champion talked himself up as a future team principal, highlighting how his experience on the track could be used to diffuse such a situation.

"Me personally I think I'd be in a better position because I'm a racing driver," he said. 

"So I'd know what I'd do on the track and what I'd not, our engineers and individuals who don't race struggle to understand what we think when we're racing at 200 miles-per-hour.

"I wouldn't take in team orders, I'd probably be even more understanding that when cars are racing first and second racing 60 races together, five collisions or whatever it is, it's a small amount compared to the successful races we've had and one-twos."