5 things Cristiano Ronaldo could learn from Gareth Bale


Two of the best players in the world will meet as Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo face off in Wales's Euro 2016 quarter-final against Portugal.

The pair are team-mates at Real Madrid, but could hardly be more different. Here are a few things we reckon Ronaldo could learn from the Welshman...

1. Charm the media

There are various ways you can deal with the media, but they basically boil down to two options: you can be warm, friendly and engaging, or you can throw a reporter's microphone into a lake. This may or may not affect the kind of coverage you get.

2. Have a sense of humour

Even English people like Bale, despite the fact he's been a bit rude about England. That's because he doesn't take himself very seriously and even throws in a joke here and there. At least it seemed like a joke at the time when he said no England players would get into the Wales team. On reflection, maybe it wasn't.

3. Park the ego

Chris Coleman has built his team around Bale, and the former Tottenham man has responded by giving everything he can for the team. It might be unfair, but there's a perception that Ronaldo is - how to say this? - something of an egotist. While Bale says there are no stars in the team, Ronaldo is no stranger to bemoaning the fact his team-mates aren't at his level. Do Portugal play for him in the same way Wales play for Bale? You couldn't blame them if not.

4. Those free-kicks? Try getting them in the net

Gareth Bale scores a free-kick for Wales against England
(Darko Vojinovic/AP)

As we all know by now, Gareth Bale has two free-kick goals in Euro 2016, while Ronaldo is yet to net direct from a free-kick once in major international tournaments. Cris mate, if you can't get them in the net it's probably time to let somebody else have a go.

5. Smile

Wales' Gareth Bale during the press conference
(Joe Giddens/PA)

Why wouldn't you smile? Hanging out with your mates all summer, playing football and representing your country among some of the best players in the world? Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?