Pep Guardiola tells Noel Gallagher that Stuart Pearce rejected him when he was Manchester City boss


Pep Guardiola almost joined Manchester City a decade ago, only for his Premier League dream to be crushed by Stuart Pearce.

Guardiola has revealed, during an interview with Noel Gallagher, that Pearce turned down the chance to sign him as a player.

But before City fans get their back up, Guardiola said the former England international was absolutely right to do so because at that stage of his career he was "a disaster".

"I have to say something - Stuart Pearce was right. Definitely. I came here at 33-34 years old and in that time as a football player I was definitely a disaster," he said in the interview on the Manchester City website.

"It was so intelligent not to pick me up. My dream in that time was to play in the Premier League.

"He offered me one half year - not a complete season. I had to wonder about family, I can not live without them and in the end we didn't decide (to sign). When you analyse in that moment my physical condition I think it was the right decision. Don't pick Pep up."

Gallagher's reaction to the story was to say: "We're so grateful you've not held that against us...and come back to manage us!"

Noel Gallagher
(Dominic Lipinski/PA)

During the 23-minute interview - the Pearce story is after 11:20 - Gallagher repeatedly refers to Guardiola as 'El Signor' and while the Oasis man genuinely seems in awe of Guardiola, his revelation that he is a Coldpaly and James Blunt fan towards the end of the interview did not go down so well.

Guardiola also appeared to confuse City's anthem 'Blue Moon' as an Oasis song, congratulating Gallagher on the tune - to which he replied: "It's not one of mine".

They otherwise seemed to hit it off with Gallagher promising to show Guardiola around the best bars around Manchester after he attempted to explain the man-management style that has made him one of the best coaches in the world.

"Our job is to convince the guys that is the best way to cross the road. That is what it is," Guardiola said.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola
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"Tactics are important and the training and facilities but in the end it is what I have to do to convince you. With you we're going to take a beer in the bar, maybe that's the best way to convince you."

Gallagher's responded by saying: "You can convince me of anything."

Guardiola neatly side-stepped questions about any potential conflict with Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho - a feud that dates back to their days in Spain - but he did fire a shot at the cross-town rivals when asked about the fact City are in the Champions League qualifiers.

"That situation is better than Manchester United," he said.