The Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg feud isn't getting any better after their last-lap crash


For pure drama, the last-lap crash between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at the Austrian Grand Prix was about as good as it gets.

For the health of the Mercedes team-mates' already-strained relationship, it was about as bad as it could have got. Their bosses aint gonna be happy.

There has already been plenty of debate as to who was at fault for the crash, which resulted in Rosberg losing his front wing to allow Hamilton to speed away and claim a win that cuts the gap behind his German team-mate to 11 points.

Whether Hamilton turned in on Rosberg or whether the German made a mistake under failing brakes is a point for the team to decide, but what is certain is that neither Rosberg or Hamilton are keen on taking the blame.

Rosberg's claim that he was "surprised" by Hamilton's actions didn't wash with the Briton.

And when told Rosberg suggested it was "his corner" Hamilton had this to say.

Hamilton's assertion that he was "definitely not at fault there" was backed up by former F1 world champion Damon Hill.

But the fans in Austria had a different point of view as Hamilton was booed when he got up on the podium.

His response...

We can't wait for next week's race at Silverstone.