Raheem Sterling said to have written thank you letter to 90-year-old lady his mum cares for


It's not been the best of weeks for England; the football team or the country.

On the political side of things, blame is being laid at a few different doors - but on the football side, it's only being laid at one. And it belongs to Raheem Sterling.

Some of the headlines surrounding the 21-year-old can only be described as disgusting, but the big question is why Sterling, of all the players who pulled on the shirt during England's time in France, is being targeted. In the midst of it all, Football 365 received a nice email, part of their Mailbox feature, from a person who claims his gran (or grandad, the person uses both terms...) is cared for by Sterling's mum.

England's Raheem Sterling and Iceland's Birkir Mar Saevarsson
(Nick Potts/PA)

"Raheem's mum is a nurse at my Grandad's old age home in north-west London and has been looking after him and a floor of similarly bedridden and incontinent 90-year-olds for years," the email begins.

"You can imagine that any job like this takes immense courage, dedication, patience and kindness. Raheem's mum has continued to do jobs most of us dread, despite Raheem's immense wealth and success.

"Perhaps none are more amazed than my Gran, who has developed a bit of an obsession about Raheem, cutting out the positive articles about him in the paper and giving them to his mum who then passes them onto Raheem. Raheem was touched by this and sent my Gran a thank you letter which she treasures. This a 90-year-old lady who had an ace WWII fighter pilot brother. When my family visit Gran, barely a visit goes by without mention of Raheem."

Sterling - whose talent thrust him into the spotlight where his every decision is scrutinised and his humanity conveniently forgotten - was no more at fault for England's abysmal performance than anyone else out on the pitch.

Nobody performed when it mattered, which makes it difficult to stomach the treatment of Sterling as an individual post-tournament.

Hopefully stories like the one shared above can serve to remind people that yes, while Sterling is a young multi-millionaire, he's also a person with a family and ambitions and feelings. Bringing him down does not lift you up. Even if that letter is made up, that's still true.