9 things Manchester United will miss about Ryan Giggs that have nothing to do with football


As Ryan Giggs says goodbye to Old Trafford after 29 years, Manchester United are losing way more than just his footballing experience and know-how.

Here's a look at a few of the other skills United will have to do without from now on...

1. His shaving ability

Ryan Giggs shaves Sir Alex Ferguson
(Howard Walker/PA)

Rumour has it he operated a barber's business on the side in the dressing room.

2. His wheels

Ryan Giggs in a Formula One car
(John Marsh/EMPICS)

You may think you look cool arriving at training in your pimped out Range Rover, but that's nothing compared to the guy in the Formula One car.

3. His yoga poses

How did Giggs stay fit for so long? With yoga, of course! If the players miss Giggs leading them in yoga sessions, it's no big deal - they can always buy his DVD.

4. His wisdom

Former Manchester United Player Ryan Giggs OBE receives his Honorary Doctor of Science for Outstanding Contribution to Sport from the University of Bolton
(Peter Byrne/PA)

After all, universities don't just hand out honorary degrees for nothing. Do they?

5. His acting chops

Don't try to work out which club Giggs might manage - it's a waste of time. He's going to Hollywood. No question.

6. His sweet photography skills

Ryan Giggs with a disposable camera
(Barry Greenwood/PA)

Say cheese!

7. His cleaning

Old Trafford will never quite as spick, or indeed as span, again.

8. His hairy chest

Ryan Giggs celebrates scoring for Manchester United against Arsenal
(Mike Egerton/EMPICS)

Surely football's most famous chest rug, as shown off after *that* FA Cup goal against Arsenal. It will be missed.

9. His state-of-the-art phone

Ryan Giggs shows off his phone
(Fiona Hanson/PA)

Down at Carrington, players were always trying to get a lend of Giggsy's phone or Scholesy's laptop. And yes, that goofy guy in between them really is Cristiano Ronaldo.