England are out but the Premier League is going from strength to strength at Euro 2016


England may be on their way home from Euro 2016 - but the country is still represented thanks to the Premier League.

With the likes of Eden Hazard, Dimitri Payet and Aaron Ramsey lighting up the tournament, every one of the eight quarter-final teams in France have at least two England-based players in their squads.

Squads with English-based players in Euro 2016

Wales head the way with 20, while France and Belgium have 11 each.

And in fact, despite England's exit, the proportion of Premier League players is greater now than it was at the start of the tournament.

From the original 24 squads, exactly a quarter of players - that's 138 out of 552 - were based in England, with 101 (18.3%) of them playing in the Premier League.

Now, of the eight remaining squads, there are 55 England-based players out of 184 (29.9%), with 44 (23.9%) of them plying their trade in the Premier League.

The number of players playing in each nation still left at Euro 206

So if England's misfiring stars are thinking of using the gruelling domestic season as an excuse for their woeful performance, they might want to think again - it doesn't seem to be affecting other Premier League players.

While England themselves were utterly forgettable, England-based players have dominated the tournament, racking up a combined 26,704 minutes - more than the next two nations (Germany with 11,947 and Italy with 11,563) combined.

So it seems pretty clear that plenty of Europe's best players are in the Premier League - it's just that not many of them happen to be English.