Divided Britain can't even decide whether Andy Murray winning is a good thing


The "is Andy Murray British or Scottish?" debate gets more and more tedious every year - but it seems just that little bit more pointed at Wimbledon this time around.

With many people in England still reeling from the football team's loss to Iceland last night and the country in turmoil following the Brexit vote, all eyes were on Murray to make everyone feel a bit better as he opened his Wimbledon campaign.

Just one minor issue there, - Murray isn't English. He's very definitely Scottish.

And more than that, Liam Broady - who he beat - definitely is English.

Some people thought the English tennis fans were having their cake and eating it, just a little bit.

Let's hope the English fans didn't put too much emotional energy into supporting Broady - he lost in straight sets.

Some fans certainly wouldn't have been too happy about that as the made it clear they would not be supporting Murray.

But plenty of Brits were in more inclusive mood.

Meanwhile, some people just found another way to make important points about Brexit.

This is all getting too complicated. Let's just support Murray like these guys.