7 summery cocktails that are perfect for Wimbledon... and aren't Pimm's


Yeah, sure, Wimbledon is one of the most important tennis tournaments in the world and Andy Murray is great and we all love watching him play on home turf.

But come on. The absolute best bit about Wimbledon is the food and the drink that perfectly accompany it. Yes, we're mainly talking about jugs full to the brim with Pimm's, strawberries and cucumber.

What if, though, you - *whisper quietly* - don't actually really like Pimm's?

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Well, it's not the only summery drink that can be sipped while you watch the tennis. Here are some other summery, fruity, slightly out-of-the-ordinary cocktails which we're boldly putting forward as perfect Pimm's replacements.

But maybe don't have a go at playing tennis yourselves after drinking these... just sayin'. That could end badly.

1. Watermelon Martinis

You won't be missing Pimm's one little bit if you go tropical with this watermelon Martini recipe.

Serving it in a watermelon will also make drinking it even more fun - although maybe not entirely appropriate for courtside. Hmmmm, yeah, maybe save that one for when you're sat in front of the TV.

2. Wine slushies

This peach and strawberry-flavoured slushie recipe looks very tempting. And ignore anyone who dares to say that wine in a slushie isn't totally acceptable.

Just remember that melted slushie is not the desirable outcome. Get plenty of ice in there...

3. Blueberry sangria

What about whacking out this recipe for blueberry lemonade sangria? You might question if blueberry is really necessary with sangria but, well, you better believe it totally works.

4. Aperol spritz

Have a crack at this old recipe for an Aperol and gin spritz. A sophisticated drink that, well, packs such a punch that it will help you through even the most tedious tennis game.

5. Raspberry and ginger fizz

All you need is gin or vodka (whichever takes your fancy more), plus raspberry lemonade, fresh raspberries and root ginger and you've got all the ingredients for this rather refreshing recipe.

Plus, ginger in anything kinda makes the drink taste a bit Scottish-inspired - so this is perfect for when you're watching Andy smash it.

6. Pink grapefruit cooler

This grapefruit and vodka concoction from Jamie Oliver is a winner. And also very pretty to look at.

7. Coconut G&T

A very summery version of a British classic. Sample how good coconut water can make the humble gin and tonic with this recipe.

Now you just have to hope the weather holds...

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