Which Premier League clubs should Euro 2016's stand-out managers take over?


A European Championship is often a good opportunity for players to put themselves in the shop window - but what about managers?

Here are some coaches we think have made a good case at Euro 2016 for getting themselves work in the Premier League.

Martin O'Neill - Republic of Ireland

Martin O'Neill on the sidelines with the Republic of Ireland
(Nick Potts/PA)

Whether or not any Premier League chairmen think O'Neill deserves another shot at the big time remains to be seen, but he clearly thinks he is. Asked how he'd managed to get a modest Ireland side into the last 16, he replied: "I'm reasonably good at my job." Chelsea found they'd had enough of life under the Special One, so perhaps they should forget Antonio Conte and give the Reasonably Good One a try.

Lars Lagerback - Iceland

Lars Lagerback on the sidelines with Iceland
(Michael Sohn/AP)

A veteran manager bringing together an undervalued group of players, turning them into a team that's greater than the sum of its parts, taking them to new heights and making them everyone's second favourite team into the bargain. Well, if Claudio Ranieri decides he's had enough, Leicester know where to look for their new manager.

Michael O'Neill - Northern Ireland

Michael O'Neill on the sidelines with Northern Ireland
(Jonathan Brady/PA)

He kept the fans' favourite on the bench for the entire tournament simply because he wasn't as good as the other options, showing he won't bow to outside influences - or indeed provide any fun where it isn't strictly necessary. Such pragmatism and stubbornness is the sort of thing that goes down well in Yorkshire, so Hull seems like the obvious destination.

Chris Coleman - Wales

Chris Coleman on the sidelines with Wales
(Joe Giddens/PA)

Fostering an all-for-one spirit among a squad with no stand-out players is one thing - doing it in a team which contains a bona fide global superstar is somehow even more impressive. Wales aren't Gareth Bale plus 10 others, but the fact that Coleman has worked out a system to get the most out of both him and his less gifted team-mates is pretty impressive. The only Premier League team that came close to having one player so far above the rest last season was Everton. Could Coleman get the Toffees working behind Romelu Lukaku?

Joachim Low - Germany

Joachim Low on the Germany bench
(Martin Meissner/AP)

It doesn't matter what happens on the pitch, Low's Euro 2016 will be remembered for the time he stuck his hand down his pants then sniffed his fingers. If there's one team in the Premier League that regularly needs attention taking away from what's happening on the pitch, it's Sunderland, so they should move heaven and earth to get Low to the North East. A match made in heaven.