8 easy steps to pulling off Wimbledon VIP chic

According to Wimbledon's website, the dress code in The Wimbledon Experience (the area where average Joes live) is informal, but in The Gatsby Club VIP area, it upgrades to smart/casual.

Now, smart/casual is a vague description which proves to be catching a lot of people out, including Lewis Hamilton last year, who was turned away from the Wimbledon men's singles' final for wearing a floral shirt, suede shoes and a trilby hat.

If you're lucky enough to have VIP tickets for this year's tennis, here are some steps to make dressing for the occasion a little easier.

1. Skip on the denim. Don't wear jeans.

2. Ironically, no tennis shoes.

3. Wimbledon is not the place for sandals or flip flops. Save those for the beach.

4. Wear full-length trousers as opposed to shorts.

5. No caps. Again, ironic considering the uniform of most tennis players. But hey, you aren't playing.

6. If in doubt, be cautious and dress on the smarter side of casual.

7. Jackets and ties are not obligatory, so don't worry about those.

8. Don't do a Lewis. Avoid suede shoes and floral shirts.

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