Northern Ireland are out of Euro 2016 and no-one knows if Will Grigg is still on fire


It's fair to say Wales' 1-0 win over Northern Ireland was not a classic.

It was probably fitting that a match short on quality was decided by an own goal, although if we're being fair Gareth Bale's fizzing cross was one of the few moments of quality as Gareth McAuley was forced into error.

The 75 minutes before then were, however, pretty hard work for fans.

Judging by this tweet, the rest of Europe weren't glued to their TV sets either.

But what stuck in the grill of most neutral observers was the fact Will Grigg didn't get a run out.

The Northern Ireland striker has been one of the stars of the tournament... it's just he never played a minute.

The Will Grigg's On Fire song has been the unofficial soundtrack of the tournament, but European fans must be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Certainly Spain defender Gerard Pique did. He tweeted this after the game which, for those non-Spanish speakers out there, basically says Northern Ireland are out but we'll always have the Will Grigg song.

Curious fans wanted to at least see if he was any good at football.

Northern Ireland boss Michael O'Neill was even quizzed about it after the match. His response was pretty hard to disagree with.

Fair enough. Still would have liked to see him play.