Prost labels Baku F1 coverage a disaster


Formula One great Alain Prost has labelled the coverage of last Sunday's European Grand Prix in Baku as a "disaster". 

World championship leader Nico Rosberg made history as the first driver to win around the street circuit in the Azerbaijan capital, finishing ahead of Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel and Williams' Valtteri Bottas.

However, the Mercedes driver led the uneventful race from start to finish, with a notable lack of action around the rest of the track.

Prost says he tuned in after seeing positive reviews of the scenic Baku City Circuit but was left bored, and fears the sport will fail to attract new fans with that kind of a display.

"I did not watch Friday and Saturday so I just followed social media and everyone was saying fantastic things about the track so I was quite happy to go and put on my TV," the four-time F1 champion told Autosport.

"That was a disaster for me, I did not see the track everyone was talking about. The positions of the camera were not very good. It was not really a good show.

"There was only one corner, with the left/right, where the cars were okay, where you get the impression of the speed.

"You're watching the on-board camera and under braking, you cannot see the speed, you cannot hear the noise, you cannot see the difficulty.

"If I'm seeing what F1 is for the first time, I just think I'm doing the same behind the wheel of my [road] car. I want it to show something very difficult.

"I was really bored."