Euro 2016: Look what a Will Grigg fan did to Northern Ireland's Wikipedia page


If you ask fans across Europe to name a Northern Ireland player, chances are most of them will say Will Grigg.

Never mind the fact he hasn't actually made it on to the pitch at Euro 2016 yet, the ubiquitous Will Grigg's On Fire chant has made him famous continent-wide.

So perhaps it made sense that someone saw fit to alter Northern Ireland's Wikipedia page so that every single one of their players was the man himself.

And this alteration - possibly an imaginative attempt to get Grigg some playing time - was just the start.

Further alterations to the page gave Grigg Northern Ireland's appearance and goalscoring records (ahead of Pat Jennings and David Healy).

Readers were also fed the misinformation: "The squad is the only one in world football which fields just one player in their competitive games; Will Grigg. Will Grigg is the greatest player in the history of football, and he's on fire."

Sadly this artful bit of make-believe didn't make it past the moderators for long, but it was good while it lasted.