Armed police feature in heightened Wimbledon security measures


Unprecedented security, including a visible presence of armed police, will be seen at Wimbledon this year in response to recent international terror attacks.

Extra measures will be taken to ensure they are proportionate with the threat level in the UK.

There will be more security than ever before to ensure the safety of all visitors to the tournament.

A spokesman for the All England Club said: "We will have more security than ever before and a level of armed police will be in evidence.

"The level of security and policing is commensurate with the threat and multi-layered, and it has been heightened as you would expect with everything that has been going on."

He added: "Throughout the year, the AELTC has been working closely with the Metropolitan Police to ensure that The Championships will be as secure as possible and that security measures are comprehensive and proportionate with the threat level in the UK.

"This will include extensive searches of people, bags and vehicles on entry to the grounds and show courts, and the public are requested to help with entry procedures by checking the latest information on before travelling."

The Metropolitan Police said that in light of events around the world, the security operation at Wimbledon has been "thoroughly reviewed".

A Met spokesman added: "A range of tactics will be put in place, some highly visible and some that the public will not notice and that includes a dedicated deployment of armed officers.

"Armed officers have supported the policing operation in previous years, but this year will see them deployed in a different way."

Other sporting events face high level security in the wake of terror attacks in France and Belgium in recent months.

Football fans travelling across the Channel to Euro 2016 were warned to remain "vigilant at all times" as updated advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office highlights stadiums, fan zones, other venues broadcasting the tournament and transport hubs and links as potential targets.