There's life after Ibrahimovic for Sweden - Hamren



"I don't want to talk about individuals. We have not been attacking enough. But we did get some chances against Ireland. Like Ibrahimovic said, Italy have a very strong defence. Belgium have a very strong attack, so we know what we are up to. We are satisfied with our defending, but we have to improve in attack. We weren't that bad against Ireland and Italy.

"We would need a whole press conference for my opinion on Ibra. He has made a huge contribution for Sweden. He has been fantastic for Sweden. I heard today that Ibra would retire. He told me in February that he considered retiting and he confirmed it today.


"We go out to win the game, but we will not go all-out attack. We come up against a top team and will not employ gung-ho tactics. They are much higher than us on the FIFA ranking. It would be a disaster for them if they lose. That being said, we are going to try to beat them. But it would be naive to think we will just go out there and score a number of goals against such a strong team. It will be a major challenge. I think we might have a bigger chance to score than against Italy who have a great defence. Belgium are more about individual players, whereas Italy are very strong as a team. They have some great forwards, like we saw against Ireland. We have lost twice by two goals against them in recent years. We must not leave any space and have to be clinical. It would not be a problem if it is still goalless with 20 minutes left. We have to have a clearly defined system right from the start.

"Portugal revenge? They are a really strong team and are the favourites in their group. But they have not won yet. We are focused on our own game, though. It is going to be a really tough match. We must beat Belgium first and then we can think about our next opponent.

"I think we have one international player who is at the same level as Messi and Ronaldo and that is Zlatan. We have some more great players, but no-one on the same level as Zlatan.

"We have some young players who are progressing, like Lindelof. Sweden do have a bright future after Ibra, even if he would be a huge loss, both as a goalscorer and as a personality. He has really helped Swedish football. We might no longer have a Zlatan, but we will have a number of good players. I am optimistic about the future with our young players. Our greatest star going is a big loss, but the future is bright,

"I was very disappointed after the game against Ireland, but I was pleased with out display against Italy, even if the result wasn't good. In the end, we only look at the result, but the way we play is equally important. We need both tomorrow. We need a result and an encouraging performance. We have to be at 100 per cent and prevent them from playing at their level. That would give us a chance.