The confusion England fans feel towards Adam Lallana is real


Adam Lallana is strange in that, the more you watch him play, the less you understand him.

He appears to have the feet of a god - the ball is bewitched, completely under his spell. Until it isn't. Until it's time to contribute where it actually matters - the scoresheet.

Because that's the problem with Lallana. He'll pirouette around the pitch, Cruyff-turning defenders you hadn't even noticed were there, before scuffing a shot or playing a through ball a bit too loosely. It's almost as if he thinks this is how you play football.

In a way, Lallana is England at Euro 2016. He suffers the same problem individually as England have been suffering as a team. Lack of end product.

He's becoming a part of people's commentary bingo games.

As this person wisely states, it can work both ways.

But who would you rather have? A "lump" that gets you goals, or a graceful footballer who does everything but? When nobody else is stepping up to help out the goal difference, you have to settle for the lump.

Generally though, Lallana's performances have been appreciated by England fans in the group stages. The Jurgen Klopp spirit is there, shown by his perpetual movement, and despite not actually creating much of substance he's been England's most consistently threatening player.

The fans love him so much, in fact, that when Roy Hodgson took him off to bring on Dele Alli they were not pleased in the slightest.

Although clearly not everyone was watching the same game.

Don't worry Adam, we recognise your struggle.