Euro 2016: What do England and Wales need to do to qualify from Group B?


After England's last-gasp win over Wales, all four of the teams in Group B have just one match to play.

With Wales taking on Russia and England facing Slovakia on Monday, we've taken a look at every possible combination of results to see how they influence the home nations' progression in the tournament.

Permutations of results in Euro 2016 Group B

If both England and Wales win

Gareth Bale and Jamie Vardy celebrate scoring goals in the England Wales Euros game (left, John Walton/PA, right Owen Humphreys/PA)
(John Walton/Owen Humphreys/PA)

If both home nations in Group B win their final matches then England will top the group with seven points and face one of the best third-placed teams in the next round.

Wales would finish second with six points and meet the runners-up from Group F, which contains Portugal, Iceland, Hungary and Austria.

If one team wins and the other draws

Slovakia team group photo (Martin Rickett/PA)
(Martin Rickett/PA)

If England won but Wales drew then the Welsh would still finish in second place with four points to Slovakia's three.

Should England be held by Slovakia and the Welsh win then Chris Coleman's side would top the group with their neighbours having to settle for second place.

If both teams draw

the European Championship Trophy on stage ahead of the UEFA Euro 2016 draw in Paris, France(Adam Davy/PA)
(Adam Davy/PA)

A draw for both home nations would see the table remain as it is now, with England and Wales again going through in first and second place respectively and Slovakia in third.

If Wales lose

Wales's Gareth Bale is dejected at the final whistle during the England game (Mike Egerton/PA)
(Mike Egerton/PA)

Should the Welsh side lose to Russia then they will need England to beat Slovakia in order to remain in the tournament.

This would see them finish in third ahead of the Slovakians, who they beat in their opening game, as when two teams are level on points the result of their match against each other is used as a tie-breaker before their overall record. They'll be relying on the record of the other third-placed teams, though.

Anything less than an English win would see Wales finish bottom of the group.

If England lose

Three England football fans look dejected (Daniel Hambury/PA)
(Daniel Hambury/PA)

If England lose then they cannot finish top of the group, as Slovakia would move ahead of them with six points. The best Welsh result for England in this case would be a draw, which would keep England in second place ahead of Wales thanks to today's win acting as a tie-breaker.

A Wales victory over Russia would move England down to third, and a Russian win could do the same if they were to finish with a superior goal difference.