England's Freddie Flintoff v Wales' Robbie Savage: Who ends up with a humiliating forfeit?


What could be more humiliating for a Welsh football fan than having to support England?

Well that's the fate of former Welsh footballer Robbie Savage, who has to tweet a picture of himself draped in the England flag during the Euros England vs Wales match.

Savage lost a series of challenges in this video to England cricketer Freddie Flintoff, resulting in the forfeit.

With Flintoff scoring penalties dressed as a dragon, and Savage batting with double vision goggles, the challenges tested more than just sporting prowess.

"I had a lot of laughs filming the #FlintoffvsSavage videos and they're a great way of creating a bit of fun around the England/Wales rivalry before the big game this week," he said.

He added: "Robbie's a good mate and took it all in good spirits - but I'd have been gutted if I'd lost! Let's hope England do the same on the pitch on Thursday..."

Freddie Flintoff is the face of menswear retailer Jacamo.