This German team were so keen to unveil their latest signing they got a guy in a mask to pretend to be the absent manager


You know that feeling when you're so excited to tell people something that it just can't wait?

That's clearly how German team St Pauli felt when it came to announcing their latest signing.

The club wanted to get the news out there that they had just bagged 22-year-old Borussia Dortmund striker Marvin Ducksch - but manager Ewald Lienen was unable to be there for the unveiling.

Faced with this dilemma, St Pauli - like any good football team - decided to do the sensible thing and make a substitution.

So they got a random guy to wear a mask of Lienen's face and pose for a photo with Ducksch, obviously.

It's not entirely clear if they thought they would actually get away with this stunt without anyone realising - but they did confess to the ruse with a follow-up tweet showing off the mask in all its glory.

Better luck next time, guys.