The true strength of France's squad was revealed when they dropped Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann


It was clear France manager Didier Deschamps had made a big call when the teamsheet for their Euro2016 clash with Albania was revealed and there was no sign of Paul Pogba or Antoine Griezmann.

For one thing, he angered a lot of fantasy football players.

But the thing was, once the disappointment of those missed fantasy points receded, fans were left to digest the fact that France still had a really awesome team.

Here's what they look like without their two best players.

In fact, it seemed to the moment a lot of people suddenly started to take notice of the hosts.

There were just two problems.

One was the heart of France's defence.

Nobody was convinced that Adil Rami was up to scratch.

The second problem was that they just weren't playing very well as they reached half-time goalless.

Hmmmmm. Maybe it's not such a good idea to drop your two best players after all.