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Retro kits, bespoke scarves, old school trainers and more – get ready for the cool football stuff that's perfect both on and off the pitch.

Retro shirts
What is the greatest football strip ever? It's a hotly-contested debate, but up there has to be the France kit from 1986, the England kit from 1982, Barcelona from 1974 (or just about any Barca kit) and Newcastle 1980. All strips are available at Score Draw, along with such treasures as the Spurs track jacket from 1984. For more options – including the Juventus classic from 1985 – try the Toffs website instead. They even do a Melchester Rovers kit from the cult comic Roy of the Rovers.

Train on your own
We all like to have a kick about with our mates, but it's not always possible to gather everyone together. And if you head out on your own, you either spend your time doing keepie uppies or chasing the ball around the park. So the SKLZ Star Kick is a perfect solution. Think of it as a bit like swingball with football. With the waist belt, ball sleeve and elastic cord, it becomes a 'solo kick and return trainer', so you can practice passing, throw ins, goal kicks and other skills without having to go running after the ball all the time.

Design your own kit and scarf
If you really want to stand out from the crowd, how about designing your own, completely unique football kit? There are various websites where you can experiment with designs – try Zaror or Owayo for example – and it means that at long last, you can create a kit so garish and outlandish it makes the Norwegian 1996 kit look conservative (you will have to trust us on this). Why not combine it with a similarly bespoke hat and scarf? At Footie Scarves you can customise logos, colours and words.

Soccer shoe and old  ball

Old school football trainers
Nowadays there are all kinds of trainers available, designed with variable studs and grips to perform on 4G astro turf pitches and the like. But back in the day, a football trainer was a much simpler affair – and much cooler too. Whether it was a pair of Adidas Samba, Gola Harrier or Diadora Gold (to name just three) these were what you wore to play the game when studs were not an option. And they're still around and looking great. Check out websites like Atom Retro, 80s Casual Classics and Mainline Menswear to see more.

Foosball Tables
Harold Searles Thornton is a football legend. Why? Because he's the man who invented table football way back in 1922. The game is still going strong, with its very own world cup to boot. So how about buying your very own 'table of dreams'. Prices and quality of tables varies enormously, but an ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) certified table will ensure you get something of durable quality, like a classic Bonzini 'Babyfoot' or Warrior table.

Old school football posters
Perfect to frame and display around the house (if your other half will let you), these retro-style posters celebrate football's legendary players, whether it's Bobby Moore, Pelé, Gerd 'der Bomber' Müller, Denis Law, Xavi or Zlatan to name a few. Go to Sucker For Soccer to check out the full range.

Footballs from yesteryear
You've heard your grandfather talking about the kind of footballs they used to use, and you've seen the way Bobby Charlton launched shots that were as weighty as cannon balls. Now you can try the real thing. Copa Football have created a 1950s leather ball, complete with exterior stitching. It might give you a headache and be a bugger to get any swerve on, but it'll make you realise just how good those players were who actually used it. Very cool.

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