Nobody can decide whether Slovakia's win over Russia is good or bad news for England


Russia were on the brink of an early departure from France after losing 2-1 to Slovakia - but on the other side of the channel all the thoughts were about what it meant for the home nations.

With England having drawn with Russia while Wales beat Slovakia in their opening Euro 2016 games, it certainly set things up nicely for Thursday's clash in Lens.

Of course, Wales fans were leaping to the obvious conclusion after Slovakia's victory.

But for England, knowing how to react was more tricky. Was that a good result or a bad result?

Plenty of people think the pressure is now on Roy's boys.

But others think it leaves the ball firmly in England's court.

This being England though, plenty of people were seeing the glass half empty - or possibly just empty.

And this being England, plenty of people were delighting in the prospect of the Three Lions facing an early exit.

So all in all, for England fans - as ever - it's a case of expecting the worst and hoping for the best.