Medals for 2016 Paralympics revealed


The medals and podiums to be used at the 2016 Paralympic Games have been revealed by the organisers.

The Organising Committee and Brazilian Mint showed off medals that feature braille and also have an audio device inside so visually impaired athletes can tell if they are gold, silver or bronze.

Metal used to make the medals has been produced according to strict sustainability criteria, while the use of mercury has also been avoided.

The silver and bronze medals that will be awarded to Paralympians at the Rio Games have also been produced by using 30 per cent recycled materials.

Freijo wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council has been used to create cases to house the Paralympic medals, which were unveiled at the Future Arena.

Podiums made from organic materials that will be reused as furniture after the Paralympics were also revealed, along with the uniforms medal presenters will sport.

Rio-based stylist Andrea Marques, who won a competition to design the outfits, said: "The main idea is that the clothes portray Rio de Janeiro as a welcoming city."