Kroos worth EUR120m more than Pogba, says brother


Real Madrid star Toni Kroos is worth EUR120million more than Juventus star Paul Pogba, according to the German's brother.

Felix Kroos, a player for Union Berlin, has responded to reports of Madrid trading the Germany international for the Juve midfielder.

Amid claims that Juventus would demand EUR120m plus Toni Kroos for Pogba, the 26-year-old's brother has suggested the Italian club have it the wrong way round.

"The other day I read that Juventus would sell Pogba to Real Madrid only in exchange for more than 120 million [euros] and Toni Kroos," said Felix Kroos.

"It's something that surprised me, [as it] should be the opposite.

"It is Juventus who should pay more than 120 million, plus Pogba, to incorporate Toni.

"Toni is the best in the world in his position."