Iceland's game against Portugal was full of surprises - not least because of the goalkeeper's kit


Portugal and Iceland were the last pair of sides to have their Euro 2016 opener - and boy, was it full of surprises.

First off, Iceland's goalkeeper Hannes Halldorsson wore short sleeves which just didn't sit right with the viewers at home.

Iceland goalkeeper Hannes Thor Halldorsson celebrates (Nick Potts/EMPICS/PA)
(Nick Potts/EMPICS/PA)

(That's an American football referee, btw).

Then, there was the *slightly* more shocking fact that Group F favourites Portugal only managed to take away a point against the Icelandic underdogs.

Nani's goal in the 30th minute was cancelled out by Birik Bjarnason's volley in the 51st minute - and fans were suitably impressed.

Iceland's Birkir Bjarnason celebrates after scoring (Pavel Golovkin/AP)
(Pavel Golovkin/AP)

And just to really illustrate how much of an underdog the team are...


All that being said, there was one very unsurprising thing that happened during the match: everyone made jokes about Iceland foods.

Including the company themselves.