ITF bans Ukrainian doctor for prescribing prohibited substance


The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has imposed a period of ineligibility of four years on Ukrainian doctor Elena Dorofeyeva for administering a banned substance to Kateryna Kozlova.

In February 2015, Kozlova returned a positive test for DMBA, which is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency and subsequently outlawed as part of the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme.

Kozlova explained that she had ingested the substance after being provided a supplement by Dorofeyeva.

The ITF accepted Kozlova's account and she was handed a backdated six-month ban that expired in August 2015.

Dorofeyeva attempted to have the charge against her dismissed on the grounds "that (a) she did not fall within the definition of Player Support Personnel and so was not bound by the [Tennis Anti-Doping] Programme, (b) the deadline under the Programme for a preliminary hearing lapsed, and (c) her right to a fair trial had been compromised."

However, an ITF independent tribunal rejected Dorofeyeva's motion and found she fell within the "Player Support Personnel" category and had administered DMBA to Kozlova.

The tribunal subsequently imposed a four-year period of ineligibility, starting from May 1, 2016, and ending at midnight on April 31, 2020.