Joachim Low's choice of attire stole the show during Germany's Euro 2016 opener against Ukraine


Joachim Low has been a permanent fixture on the touchline during Germany games for 10 years now, but rarely does his presence receive as much attention as it did against Ukraine.

The World Champions opened their tournament in Lille with a squad that would make most other teams jealous. Low has an embarrassment of riches at his disposal everywhere but the centre-forward position - a blow softened by being able to pick the likes of Thomas Muller, Mario Gotze, Julian Draxler and even Andre Schurrle.

As the game kicked off plenty of attention was given to Mesut Ozil, Toni Kroos and co, but once people saw what Low was wearing that attention very quickly turned to him.

Anywhere else in the world that's just a man wearing a T-shirt, but on the side of a football pitch at an international tournament? It's almost unheard of.

But, if you know anything about Low, you know he's nothing if not a managerial trendsetter.

And if you know anything else about Low, it might be that he and his assistant almost always wear the same outfit.

Many people think Zara, H&M, Topman and the like will be able to thank the 56-year-old for a boost in sales of tight-fitting T-shirts.

His clothes make people say things like this about him.

And this.

And this and this.

Some people even go as far as to suggest every time Germany score a goal it's because of Low's exemplary fashion sense.

But, not everyone's a fan of the casual look.

David Cameron almost definitely wouldn't be.

The major reason for the distaste isn't so much to do with the t-shirt as it is to do with what the T-shirt's colour is failing to hide.

Here's what's happening underneath Low's arms, in gif form.

Don't believe us?

Own goal.