Here's the first trailer for Fifa 17


The 2015/16 season is over, inevitably meaning you feel a little less enthusiastic each time you fling on Fifa 16.

But it's that time of year again when EA Sports begin their advertising assault - getting us excited for the next instalment in the series - which is this year scheduled for a September 29 UK release.

Featuring a voice-over from Manchester United's Jose Mourinho, and serious faces from Eden Hazard, Anthony Martial, Marco Reus and James Rodriguez, here's the first look at Fifa 17.

Nostalgic eh.

The trailer suggests the full reveal is scheduled for June 12, but there has already been some talk from those in the gaming community who've had a glimpse at the new game about what we can expect: cut away dressing room scenes in career mode and real-life managers among them.

Fifa 17 using EA's Frostbite engine - usually reserved for first-person shooters, racing and role-playing games - serves as further evidence that this game could be the most cinematic yet.

And of course, we can expect a lot of the commentary to centre on Leicester's historic title victory in the season gone by.