Euro 2016: We asked British and Irish footballers what they think of France - here's what they said...


The football world is descending on France for Euro 2016 - but what do professional footballers like best about the country itself?

We spoke to a few of them to find out...

Robbie Savage

"Moulin Rouge. I stayed in a hotel with my wife and we went to a show for our anniversary. It was in a theatre in Paris. We put a padlock on that bridge as well."

Padlocks on the Pont des Arts in Paris
(Remy de la Mauviniere/AP)

John Barnes

"The wine. Red or white, either."

Phil Neville

"Eric Cantona. I quite like their national anthem, too - it's got quite a catch to it. I remember when we used to play against France and they started singing their national anthem, I was humming away to the Eric Cantona song because it fits in. I quite like the anthem, I love Paris, but probably Eric Cantona."

Phil Neville with a painting of Eric Cantona

Teddy Sheringham

"The women."

Danny Gabbidon

"I love the architecture. There's some beautiful buildings and churches in Paris. It's a beautiful city and country...and hopefully I'll be able to say Wales performing well there is the second best thing!"

The Notre-Dame cathecral in Paris
(Remy de la Mauviniere/AP)

Neil Lennon

"The food. I'm partial to snails and frogs legs. I like both. The wine is obviously fantastic as well. Frogs legs tastes like chicken. Try it, honestly."

Paul Ince

"Good question that. France? I'd have to say the skiing."

Paul Ince playing for England against France
(Michael Steele/EMPICS)

John Hartson

"I've not been that much. I've played in France. I played in the Parc des Princes in a Cup Winners' Cup final, scored there for Arsenal in 95, great memories, but I've not particularly holidayed that much in France. I've been over with my wife a couple of times, visited the Louis Vuitton shop. I'm just very much looking forward to going over there and embracing the tournament."

Ray Houghton

"The convenience of getting there. I left Lille station recently at 3.35pm and I was sitting in my house in Essex at 6pm. How good is that?"