SAG explain details behind Salom's fatal crash


Following the death of Luis Salom at the Catalan Grand Prix, SAG Team have released the telemetry, explaining the details that led to his fatal crash.

Salom was tragically killed following an accident during Moto 2's second free practice session in Barcelona on Friday.

Following consultations with Salom's family, the riders, teams and the Safety Commission, MotoGP organisers confirmed the race would go ahead but with a revised track configuration.

On Monday, SAG released a statement, explaining that Salom had lost grip after braking later than usual at turn 12.

"Luis arrived to turn 12's braking reference point six km/h slower than his fastest lap. According to the telemetry that was because of a lower acceleration at the exit of turn 11," the statement read.

"Due to that reduced speed, Luis operated the brakes nine metres later to maintain a proper corner speed at turn 12. At the entry of the corner there is an irregularity on the asphalt known by all the riders (bump).

"The delay of the braking instant caused Luis to maintain the brakes operated running over that asphalt irregularity, as opposed to the previous laps where he already had released the brakes on that spot.

"All of that...produced a stress on the front tyre and a grip lost on the irregularity of the asphalt. That grip lost produced the crash with the tragic outcome that we all know."