5 reasons why Jamie Vardy is a really weird signing for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger


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Jamie Vardy could be on his way to Arsenal, with the Gunners reportedly rushing to try and get a move completed before the start of Euro 2016.

If Arsene Wenger really does sign the 29-year-old Leicester striker, for a reported fee of £20 million, it would be a real change of direction in transfer policy. Here's why...

1. He's the sort of player they actually need

Olivier Giroud looks dejected while playing for Arsenal
(John Walton/PA)

Wenger has an almost entirely unblemished record over the last 10 years of buying excellent players in entirely the wrong position. This summer he seems to have changed strategy, finally moving to fix that slightly flimsy midfield by adding Granit Xhaka - and now looking to add the prolific striker. Pacey Vardy is clearly a better fit for Arsenal's style of play than Olivier Giroud, and also has the tenacity that sometimes seems to be missing from the Gunners' starting XI.

2. He's expensive

Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez celebrate a goal
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Wenger is not known for taking the chequebook out with carefree abandon. Despite the move for Xhaka - and the relatively recent signings of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez - big-money transfers are still pretty rare at the Emirates. If Vardy arrives, it will be the first time Arsenal have ever brought in two £20 million-plus signings in one season.

3. He's not young

Granit Xhaka playing for  Borussia Moenchengladbach
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Arsenal's previous big-money signings - Sanchez, Ozil and Xhaka - were all 25 or under when they joined. In fact, with the exception of goalkeeper Petr Cech, you'd be hard pressed to think of any major Wenger signings older than mid-20s. Vardy will be 30 by the time the Premier League trophy is lifted next year, so this would go down as a clear change in transfer policy for the Gunners.

4. It's a risk

Jamie Vardy playing for Leicester
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Obviously Vardy had an amazing season as Leicester won the league - but it was just one season. In his only previous Premier League campaign he managed just five goals, so he doesn't have a record of producing at the top level for a sustained period. He's also had his fair share of off-field problems, something which you wouldn't necessarily have imagined would endear him to Wenger.

5. It looks like Arsenal are really going for it

Arsene Wenger waves to the Arsenal fans
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What all this adds up to is one thing: for once, Arsenal are going for immediate success. This isn't about building for the future, it's about winning now. Could this even be an attempt by Wenger, who has one year left of his Arsenal contract, to sign off in style? Either way, it should be enough to get Arsenal fans, if not excited, then at least cautiously looking forward to the new season.