See the awesome artwork ESPN have unveiled for every team in Euro 2016


Yes, it's the month the Euros start - they kick off on June 10 - and there's literally no way we're escaping it.

But when it means we get to see artwork like this we're not complaining.

Ahead of the tournament in France, ESPN has revealed a series of 24 artistic posters. They each represent a different country competing in Euro 2016. And if you're not already feeling that patriotic ahead of the tournament, we reckon you will after seeing these.


Pretty cool, huh?

It's all down to French artist Florian Nicolle, who created them - in English and in Spanish - exclusively for ESPN. The idea behind them was to capture the spirit of each of the 24 teams competing. And, of course, the posters feature some of the players who could well be the stars of the Euros.

Here's a look at the artwork for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.



(ESPN) northern ireland artwork


And you might as well have a sneaky look at all the other teams competing while you're at it.

all the posters

There's a full gallery of pictures of all the posters here. All the special artworks were commissioned by ESPN, whose leading football site will provide comprehensive online coverage of Euro 2016.

And, FYI, the series is part of the "More Than Football" campaign, which launched on May 26.

So go on, which one's your favourite?