Here's the referee England should fear the most in Euro 2016


There's no doubt the upcoming Euro 2016 will stir a lot of emotion among players, managers and fans alike - from jumping for joy at stunning victories to raging in anger at controversial decisions.

Many of these debatable choices are down to judgments (and sometimes misjudgments) made by the referees.

Betting firm Sports Interaction have been keeping tabs on the performance of Euro 2016´s 18 referees during international matches, to find out which men England should really fear on the pitch.

And it turns out the worst offender is Turkish official Cuneyt Cakir, who averages at four bookings per game and seems to have a penchant for showing Englishmen a red card.

Here are the top three problematic Euro 2016 referees that may be a cause for concern for England.