Things have turned ugly between Jamie Vardy and his lookalike

You might remember Lee Chapman, the postman who looked enough like England striker Jamie Vardy to be given six months off work so he could pursue lookalike activities? Well, it looks like he'll be doing his rounds again a lot sooner than expected.

Since joining Vardy on the team bus after Leicester's title win, Chapman has reportedly been blocked on social media by Vardy and his wife Rebekah Nicholson, while The Sun says Vardy's agent texted Chapman threatening legal action if he put the Leicester man's endorsement deals at risk. It appears the Vardy camp is trying to protect his brand.

Vardy's wife accused Chapman of being "a stalker" on Twitter.

"Lee is genuinely upset," said the lookalike's agent James Austin.

"He's a true Leicester fan and Jamie is his idol. He would never do anything to bring his hero, Vardy, into disrepute.

"He doesn't know what he has done to upset them. It's so bad he was thinking of simply giving up."

There had been rumours Chapman would appear on Celebrity Big Brother, partake in a tour, even feature on high profile Saturday night TV. It looks like that dream might be over.

Vardy's agent wished Lee all the best and said he didn't know anything about being blocked on Twitter, while elsewhere the hashtag #mardyVardy is taking off - with many pointing to Vardy's racism towards a Japanese man as doing much more to hurt his image than having a lookalike ever could.

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