Mr T shares what he learned as Muhammad Ali's bodyguard

Muhammad Ali after the fight

Clubber Lang took just two rounds to knock out Rocky in Rocky III and now it makes sense how. The man who played Clubber - Mr T - was once bodyguard to Muhammad Ali.

But it turns out Mr T saw Ali breaking up fights more than anything else. Talking to TMZ Sports, Mr T said: "I learned a lot of stuff from Muhammad Ali. The going back in to the hood, and stuff like that. We would go around in tough areas. He used to see guys arguing, gambling on the corner about to cut each other. He would say 'Hey, hey, hey!' And the guys would stop fighting, they'd say 'It's the champ!' And he would say 'Break that up!' And Ali would stop stuff."

He continued, explaining the impact it had on his own activities:

"So I would go into the ghetto and I would see guys fighting. I'd say 'Hey man, don't be fighting.' [And they would say] 'Hey, that's Mr T!' And then I'd talk to them a little bit. So a lot of the stuff I do I learned from Muhammad Ali."

If your Mr T impression needs some work, listen to the former BA Baracus explain why Ali is his inspiration in his own words.

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