Wales squad watch Gareth Bale in the Champions League final and pray he doesn't get injured


Among the more interested spectators of the Premier League final were Gareth Bale's Wales team-mates.

Chris Coleman's squad gathered during their pre-Euro 2016 get-together to cheer on their 26-year-old talisman as he and Real Madrid took on Atletico Madrid.

And while we're sure they were cheering Bale on, they were probably mostly just hoping against hope that he didn't get injured, with their opener in France against Slovakia just two weeks away.

Presumably defender Chris Gunter is cowering at the back of the room in the same way Doctor Who fans watch from behind the sofa.

And it wasn't just the current players watching through their fingers.

The whole of Wales was watching two teams from Spain playing a match in Italy with their minds well and truly on France.

That's European football for you.