Twitter couldn't believe how good Eric Dier's own goal was in the England v Australia friendly


England v Australia - International Friendly

Eric Dier scored with a stunning diving header in the England v Australia friendly, but sadly it was in the wrong net.

The Tottenham player looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up after he tried to clear the ball from a cross and scored a blinder just inside the post.

England fans may have been disappointed that the England lead was halved to 2-1, after goals from Marcus Rashford and Wayne Rooney, but they couldn't deny it was a great finish from Dier.

England's Danny Drinkwater and Wayne Rooney react after England's Eric Dier (not pictured) scores an own goal during the International Friendly at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland.
Danny Drinker's face after the own goal tells you everything (Tim Goode/PA)

He just has an unfortunate name for such a situation...

It had everyone wondering if he should really play centre back.

(Martin Rickett/PA) England's Eric Dier during the press conference at the Manchester City Football Academy, Manchester.
It was a bit of a nightmare for Dier pre-Euros selection (Martin Rickett/PA)

Meanwhile Australian fans were happy to take whatever they could get.