5 thoughts football fans had when Jose Mourinho finally joined Manchester United


It's finally happened - Jose Mourinho is the Manchester United manager.

Everyone knew it was coming, of course, so the reaction online was reasonably measured.

But here are a few thoughts football fans had on the news this morning...

1. Better late than never

This is a move that seems to have been in the pipeline forever. That's partly because the Mourinho camp seems to have been attempting to engineer this more or less since the day he left Chelsea. But it's also because we all know that really the Special One should have taken over at Old Trafford when Sir Alex Ferguson jacked it in. Instead they went for David Moyes. Looking back, that seems absolutely absurd.

2. Manchester derbies are going to be fun

With Pep Guardiola taking the reins at City, two of Europe's most successful - and most stylish - managers are in charge of the two Manchester clubs. And, as anyone who followed their rivalry in Spain knows, there's no love lost between them. So whether you're a fan of combustible press conferences, touchline shade being thrown or sharp tailoring, there should be something for you. Hopefully there'll be some decent football too.

3. This is the era of the manager

The list of managerial talent in the Premier League next season is considerably more impressive than the players who'll be on show: Mourinho and Guardiola will be joined by Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte, Claudio Ranieri and (presumably) Arsene Wenger, with Rafa Benitez plugging away in the Championship. Meanwhile, if you try to think of genuinely world class players, you can come up with Sergio Aguero, Mesut Ozil, David De Gea... and not too many more. Now it's up to some of the best managers in the world to try to attract some of the best players.

4. Mourinho with a United shirt just looks wrong

We thought we'd seen the wrongest thing we were likely to see when Frank Lampard put on a Manchester City kit for the first time, but somehow the sight of Mourinho holding up a United shirt is even harder to get your head round. Unless you're a United fan, of course...

5. Juan Mata's not having a great day

He's known it was coming for a while now, but surely nobody is celebrating less this morning than Juan Mata. Mourinho clearly didn't rate him much when he returned to Chelsea a couple of years ago, and promptly sold him to United. If he's got any sense, the Spaniard will have his agent on the phone pronto to find him a new home.