Here's how the internet reacted to Mourinho becoming the new Manchester United manager


Jose Mourinho has agreed to become manager of Manchester United after Louis van Gaal's two-year residency was brought to an end on Monday.

Official confirmation looks likely on Friday after this week's negotiations were delayed, but that hasn't stopped Twitter from going into complete meltdown once they heard the news.

Everyone began imagining exactly how some of the biggest names in football would react.

And then they moved on to think of the fans.

Basically everyone couldn't stop talking about it.

Some sportsmen were pleased for him.

Including Rio Ferdinand, who typed up a very supportive message on Facebook.

Congratulations to Jose on being announced manager of the biggest club in the world! This is Jose Mourinho's most exciting & most challenging job yet. The first thing he needs to do is install 'winning mentality' back into the club. Get this ingredient back into the players but also the people that work inside the club day to day. Give them back that belief so it is breathing throughout the club again, which is so important. But doing the above in the Manchester United way is equally as important. I have heard many say the 'Mourinho WAY' is not the Manchester United style of playing football. However, the Chelsea team that Jose put together first time round when he entered the Premier League played with wingers and hurt teams with quick attacking play. They had the likes of Robben and Duff on the wings who were direct and quick. This is a sign he knows how to get a team playing in a way Manchester United fans can look forward to seeing. Another doubt I keep hearing and being asked is, will he keep in with the tradition of the club which is bringing through the young players? For the moment, I can't answer this, only time will tell. One thing I can tell Manchester United fans is that they have got themselves a true winner in all aspects. His CV shows success! After his recent unsuccessful time at Chelsea in the final year, I can assure you this winner is now a wounded animal which makes him such a mouthwatering appointment. Jose went from winning the League cup & Premier League to losing a dressing room at Chelsea and I am certain he will want to restore all of that very quickly. He will be desperate to silence the media who have been writing and saying negative things about him (he will have stored it all being the competitor he is) and will be as focused as ever. Mourinho's huge personality is made for this great club, it's what he has been waiting for. Wishing him all the best! RF