Liverpool fans are praying the signing of Loris Karius is the end for Simon Mignolet


Meet Loris Karius. He's just signed for Liverpool and he's really proud to be at the club.

Karius is a goalkeeper, which is good news for Liverpool fans because they really wanted their club to sign a goalkeeper.

Here he is showing off his shirt number after signing from Mainz.

Liverpool FC - Loris Karius in Liverpool colours for the... | Facebook

The reason why Liverpool fans were so keen to see their team sign a goalkeeper was this.

Yes, everyone's had just about enough of the error-prone Simon Mignolet.

The numbers certainly suggest 22-year-old German Karius might be an upgrade.

A lot of Reds fans admitted they didn't know too much about their new signing - but they immediately spotted some things about him they like.

But has he been brought in to replace Mignolet or as competition?

Fans know what they think...

And as for Mignolet, how did he react to the news?

Cheer up Simon. It might never happen.