Nick Blackwell brands Eubanks 'inhuman' and 'disgusting' - but boxing fans aren't so sure

Nick Blackwell has criticised the "inhuman" reaction of Chris Eubank Jnr and his father following the British middleweight clash which left him fighting for his life.

The 25-year-old, who has since retired, was placed in an induced coma for a week with a bleed on the brain, having collapsed shortly after being stopped in March's fight with Eubank Jnr.

He continues to step up his recovery from the punishing duel, but the fighter from Trowbridge says he has also been hurt by the reaction of the Eubanks in the immediate aftermath.

Blackwell claims the Eubanks were trying to "grab as much attention as they could" and "make themselves look like the good guys".

Blackwell told The Sun: "I haven't any hard feelings about the fight because you're in there to win and try and hurt someone - it's just the stuff he has done after. It's inhuman, it's disgusting.

"My family and friends were begging them not to talk, but they ignored it.

Chris Eubank Snr speaks to his son Chris Eubank Jnr
(Nick Potts/PA)

"I've only just been shown the press conference and I know exactly what happened. It isn't human what they've done.

"I was still in a coma but they went ahead and did it.

"That's the Eubanks, isn't it? They just want attention, no matter if it's a bad or a good thing."

Fans have rallied round Blackwell since the fight - but many disagreed with his assessment this time.

Some people did agree with Blackwell though.

Eubank Jnr stopped Blackwell in the 10th round after Eubank Snr had advised his son to avoid aiming for the head and instead concentrate his efforts on the body at the end of the eighth round at Wembley Arena.

The 49-year-old was praised for his actions at the time, but Blackwell said: "The people who saved my life were the referee, the person who put me in the coma and the people at St Mary's Hospital. The Eubanks didn't save my life.

"Chris Jnr was asked later if he'd pick the belt or my health. He refused to answer. I'm not being funny, but someone's health and life is more important."

Boxer Chris Eubank Jnr
(Anthony Devlin/PA)

Eubank Jnr defended his actions, saying: "People and media demanded that we speak to them. If we had just said 'No comment' it would have come off as cold."

The 26-year-old told The Sun: "If Nick is part of the small percentage that took offence, that's unfortunate. It's sad for me to hear something like that.

"All I have ever wanted for Nick has been the best."

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