Eubank Jnr and Snr blasted by Blackwell for 'inhuman' reaction


Nick Blackwell, the boxer placed in an induced coma following his British middleweight title defeat to Chris Eubank Jnr, has branded his opponent's behaviour in the wake of his life-threatening injuries as "inhuman".

Blackwell was forced to retire following his bout with Eubank in March, after suffering a swelling on the brain.

In his first interview since the fight, Blackwell hit out at Eubank and his father, Chris Eubank Snr, for holding a news conference while he remained in a coma.

"I haven't any hard feelings about the fight because you're in there to win and try and hurt someone - it's just the stuff he has done after. It's inhuman, it's disgusting," Blackwell told The Sun.

"My family and friends were begging them not to talk, but they ignored it. They were grabbing as much attention as they could. I was still in a coma but they went ahead and did it.

"That's the Eubanks, isn't it? They just want attention, no matter if it's a bad or a good thing.

"Chris Jnr was asked later if he'd pick the belt or my health. He refused to answer. I'm not being funny but someone's health and life is more important.

"The night of the fight he went partying. He was celebrating. You've won the title, fine, you can go out and celebrate. I would have wanted to go to the hospital and be by his side until he woke up."

Eubank Jnr told The Sun: "People and media demanded that we speak to them. If we had just said, 'no comment', it would have come off as cold.

"If he was in our position he would have done the same thing in terms of making his side of the story known."

Blackwell's trainer, Gary Lockett, meanwhile, has defended referee Victor Loughlin, who stopped the fight in the 10th round with Blackwell having taken heavy punishment.

"I spoke to Victor the following Wednesday," Lockett told the Guardian. "Vic is possibly the best ref in the country. If there was a time to stop it earlier Vic would have seen that.

"Vic refereed Blackwell when he was behind after the first five against Damon Jones and then knocked him out. Vic knew this kid starts slow and then, boom, he fires. It was very hard for Victor.

"You can't stop a fight at the first sign of trouble. I know Nick better than most people. He's as hard as nails and always comes back."