Andy Carroll's in America fighting the power


Given that he won't be making an appearance at the Euros this summer Andy Carroll has a month or so to himself before training begins for next season.

The West Ham striker seems to be making his way across America's southern states with teammates and his fiancee, documenting the whole thing on Instagram as he goes.

He better hope law enforcement officials aren't regularly checking his account though, because his latest video - giving food, towels and what looked like all of America's Sprite stock to a homeless man - could get him in trouble.

Laws against feeding the homeless have become increasingly normal in towns and cities in some US states, although New Orleans, where a previous post from Carroll said he was heading next, doesn't appear to have restrictions against helping homeless people.

Similar laws had been proposed previously in the UK, while Public Space Protection Orders, which came into force in 2014, have been described as effectively criminalising homelessness.

Keep fighting the power Andy Carroll.