The Football League's radical proposal had everyone wondering if it means Premier League B teams are on the way


The Football League caught most people by surprise after it announced a radical proposal to restructure the English game into five divisions.

Social media was sent into a frenzy of debate and most of it centred on whether this was the pathway being cleared for Premier League B clubs to be included in the lower divisions.

Under the proposal the number of league clubs will increase from 92 to 100 by 2019 and while that could be good news for Conference teams...some people thought it could also be good for Premier League teams and they didn't like it.

Others wonder if this was finally the cue for Rangers and Celtic to make that long-discussed move south of the border to play in English football.

Football League chief executive Shaun Harvey said such a move would be difficult, although he didn't rule it out.

"The whole discussion can be had," he said. "But I suspect the wider this gets drawn, the harder it would be to deliver to our clubs and the rest of the stakeholders in the game."

A lot of people thought things didn't need to change from the present system, where three divisions of 24 clubs play in the Football League.

Football League clubs have been notified about the plan and will vote on the changes in June 2017. A 90 per cent approval rate, or 65 of the current 72 clubs, is required to get the go-ahead.

Part of the plan could see seven Championship clubs relegated at the end of the 2018/19 season, while no team would be relegated out of the league that year.

The Football League statement also revealed that under the plans midweek matches would be reduced to reduce fixture congestion.

But there was plenty of positivity too - if not at least to start a debate about the health of the game in the lower league and how it might be improved.