Muirfield golf club voted against admitting women members, and Twitter reacted accordingly


So it would appear that in the 21st century there are still golf clubs (not the ones used to drive) that would prefer a men-only membership, proven today by a vote among the members of the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, which owns Muirfield.

Long story short, no women as members at Muirfield. The R&A reacted swiftly by removing Muirfield from the Open rota, something that got the desired plaudits, while the response to the HCEG vote was near universal dismay.

Cue, outrage, including from the top.

What do you call a golfer living in a bygone epoch? An aputtosaurus ... wait, why's everybody leaving?

Where do HCEG members play their golf? Jurassic Par.

Geez, tough crowd. Anyway, getting back to the vote.

Apparently, or so it said in a leaked note floating somewhere in the deep dark recesses of Twitter, the vote hinged on HCEG members being not okay with women questioning the "match system" and "lunch arrangements".

Which, of course, provided even more fodder online.

And also makes us wonder what exactly comprises lunch for the the HCEG? It must be a pretty incredible lunch.

Some were ready to prove Muirfield wrong in the most appropriate way possible.

Maybe that match will make up for not having the Open.