Conor McGregor has been sparring with a former boxing world champion


Rumours that Conor McGregor is gearing up for a fight with Floyd Mayweather will not go away, and the Irishman is doing little to help that.

Despite losing to Nate Diaz in his last MMA fight, and being dropped from the card for UFC 200, McGregor is still the biggest name in UFC right now. Likewise, he may have retired undefeated after 49 fights, but Mayweather still commands headlines like nobody else in boxing. A fight between the two would be massive.

It's no secret that The Notorious is working to improve his boxing - a valuable skill in MMA - but footage of him sparring with former ABU, IBF and IBO champion Chris Van Heerden has only added fuel to the belief that a McGregor-Money fight is on the horizon.

Tony Jeffries, a former Olympic bronze medallist, tweeted out that video taken in California and also sent some praise McGregor's way.

But in an extended version of the sparring session with commentary, Mcgregor's told he should "probably stick to MMA".

A fight between Money and McGregor would undoubtedly draw audiences, and would be one of the biggest fights in history, but it's one you feel the Irishman has no chance of winning.

If the fight was to take place in the octagon instead of the ring, though, you never know...