Vinnie Jones really might play Nigel Pearson in the Jamie Vardy movie after all

By now you probably know there's an actual movie in the pipeline telling the rags-to-riches story of Leicester striker Jamie Vardy.

And you may also have heard a rumour that Vinnie Jones might be in line to play former Foxes boss Nigel Pearson.

Well, if you thought that was too good to be true, think again.

Nigel Pearson applauds the Leicester fans
If you don't think Vinnie Jones could play this man then you are an ostrich (Stephen Pond/PA)

Screenwriter Adrian Butchart, who penned the first two Goal films, told Newsweek: "That came about because the Leicester Mercury ran a poll of who people wanted to see as playing Nigel Pearson. The choices were Vinnie, Jason Statham or Ray Stevenson.

"And 74 percent of them voted for Vinnie. So, we got in touch with him and said, 'This has happened, what do you think?' He wrote back and said, 'Cool, I'm in.'

"I think we would all love to see him [in the film]. This film belongs to the people of Leicester as much as anyone, so I would love to make their wishes come true."

Leicester fans at the title parade
The people of Leicester staged a rally in support of Vinnie Jones playing Nigel Pearson (Tim Goode/PA)

Let's be clear, that's not just their wishes, but surely the wishes of every right-minded football and film fan.

We can't wait to see his interpretation of this famous press conference.

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