Here's what the average Premier League game looked like this season


The Premier League season is over, the goals have all been scored, the last yellow card has been theatrically flourished in the direction of an errant defender.

But with 380 games in the book this season, what did the average Premier League match look like? How many goals were scored? And where were the players from?

We've been through the numbers to find out.

A graphic depicting the average Premier League game

Overall this season there were 1,026 goals - slightly up on last season - which means there were 2.7 in the average game.

More specifically, the average score was 1.5-1.2 in favour of the home team, which sounds like a tense one.

Of those 2.7 goals, 1.4 were with the right foot, 0.7 with the left, 0.5 were headers and 0.1 were something else - an own goal, or a ricochet off the shoulder or something like that.

Harry Kane celebrates scoring for Tottenham
Harry Kane contributed 25 of the 1,026 goals (Martin Rickett/PA)

Those goals game from 25.8 shots, with the home side taking 14.4 - almost exactly three more than their visitors. Only around a third of those, 8.4, found the target, of which 5.8 were saved.

There were 3.3 cards of which 3.2 were yellow, with the red card overwhelmingly likely to go unused.

As for the nationalities on display, there were fewer Brits than players from elsewhere in Europe - with 8.4 of the 22 from the UK compared to 9.1 from the rest of the continent.

Of the 8.4 Brits, 6.7 were English - meaning each team had fewer than four players eligible for Roy Hodgson's Euro 2016 squad.